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What is LTAG?

Normally, it is a linguistic formalism dealing with Tree Adjoining Grammar, but we're using it as the name of our (L)TAG parser, which you'll find as ParserLopez in our CVS Repository. We'd say more, but we're too busy parsing things :-) In the meantime, please visit our project homepage, grab our source, and send us your thoughts.

Tree Status

name notes developer opened
MAIN Where we think that things are roughly stable (only used to remerge branches that are finished)
WORDGRAPH Letting the parser read word graphs instead of just sentences Amalia 7 May 2002
SIMPLEPARSER heavy simplification and modularisation of the parser
you can think of this branch as a very slow and thoughtful import of Azim's SimpleParser code (from his CVS-avoidance days)
Azim 19 March 2002

Version Control Tags

Unless you have something in particular you are looking for, it's most likely the main branch you want to download (i.e, no tags at all). Otherwise, it's useful to know what these mean:

important things to consider

  1. Underscores (_) seperate fields: branch_FOO_ParserLopez_2002_1203
  2. Don't use underscores for anything else! For example, "MY_BRANCH" means mean "the MY branch of the BRANCH branch", whereas "MY-BRANCH" means "the MY-BRANCH branch"
  3. Please check with me (eric) before you do any branching. I seem to have the responsibility of managing this tree, and i'd to do it without getting confused all the time, or making a serious mistake


the most recent code for this branch
branch point: where in its origin (usually the trunk) the branch started
merge point: the origin right before the merge
after merge: the origin AFTER the merge (and making sure it works)
(no prefix)
the branch at a certain point in time

branch name

the branch name (BLAHBLAH branched off the trunk)
the FOO branch (branched off the BLAHBLAH branch)
(no branch name)
the trunk

project suffix

just making sure you know what project you're working on :-)

date suffix

the date of the code (branch/bp/mp/am: the date of the origin code, i.e., usually the trunk, no prefix: the date of the branch code)


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Djamé Seddah (

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